Chris Licata, Former Candidate for HD 69, Endorses Jeremy Bailie

To all concerned,

Having recently withdrawn from the GOP primary race for HD 69, I have been asked “which of the two remaining primary candidates am I endorsing?”

Today I am proud to give my support to Jeremy Bailie, a fellow Florida native and millennial conservative, whose commitment to federalism and the rule of law, in the pursuit of improving his local community is unwavering.

I encourage all of my supporters to stand united behind Jeremy Bailie. For this district in particular, party unity is paramount.

In Liberty,

Chris Licata

Former Candidate for Florida House District 69


Jeremy Bailie is an attorney with the St. Petersburg-based law firm, Abbey, Adams, Byelick & Mueller. He is a native Floridian and graduate of Stetson University College of Law. Jeremy has also been endorsed by Pinellas County Clerk of Court Ken Burke; former Pinellas County Commissioner Neil Brickfield; the Pinellas County Young Republicans; and the Young Floridians for Opportunity.

Paid by Jeremy D. Bailie, Republican, for State Representative, District 69