Lower Taxes


Keeping taxes low for our citizens and expanding the opportunity for businesses to compete are keys for a prosperous community. Taxes must be kept low and simplified for families and businesses alike. Lower, fairer taxes will encourage businesses to remain and grow here in the Florida, instead of shipping jobs elsewhere.


Creating Jobs


A strong economy creates a strong community.  It’s vital that Florida enhance economic opportunity so that we can enable every Floridian to live their own American dream.  With less regulations and lower taxes, Florida will continue attracting businesses, adding jobs, and diversifying our tax base.


Less Government


We must reduce the long list of burdensome and confusing regulations forced on our job creators in all industries. Duplicative or unnecessary regulations cost families more for goods and services and make it harder for entrepreneurs to turn innovative ideas into economic realities.


More Freedom


Our founders envisioned a nation where all people could live free from an overreaching government.  The Bill of Rights expressly prohibited government from interfering with our fundamental rights such as the right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms.




Ensuring that all of our children receive a high quality education is crucial for economic progress and lower crime rates. Parents should be afforded every opportunity for each child to succeed.  Florida must continue to invest in early childhood education, expand educational options for parents, and keep college affordable.



Small Businesses


Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. We need to make sure we not only have a strong economic climate, but an economy that encourages the growth of small business here in our community.



Serve our Veterans


Our veterans have sacrificed so much for our freedom. I’m honored to be one of the only attorneys here in Pinellas County licensed in the U.S. Veterans Court to give back to those who have made possible the freedoms we all enjoy.



Protect our Community


We need to ensure our community remains the top destination for senior citizens to retire.



Enforce the Rule of Law

Jeremy Bailie supports the enforcement of the rule of law and secure borders. That’s why Sheriff Bob Gualtieri supports Jeremy Bailie for State Representative.